About Us

Are you ready to ditch harsh, irritant, chemical-laden skincare for something kinder, gentler and organic?

At the heart of our products are carefully selected plant-based ingredients, formulated to fully maximise their moisturising, conditioning and rejuvenating properties. The result? Glowing, healthier-looking hair and skin.

Our Story

Naturekissd Hair and Skin is a family-run business in the heart of leafy, Ladywell Village, South East London. It all began with organic formulator and founder Mary Cummings’ desire to heal her daughter’s skin, naturally.


“Millie had ‘cradle cap’ from birth, a condition common in babies and usually kept under control by gently wiping away with olive oil. In her case, however, it never seemed to go away but gradually developed into seborrheic dermatitis.

I hunted around for years to find a solution but medicated products prescribed by the doctor were completely ineffective. They didn’t seem to penetrate her scalp sufficiently enough to soothe it, and were so thick and gloopy they ruined her curly, afro hair.

In the meantime, my eldest daughter Abigail also showed signs of sensitive skin, which we eventually put down to certain ingredients in soaps and shower gels. Not surprisingly, I was determined more than ever to find a natural solution for the whole family.”

Fuelled with a passion to learn more about natural skincare, Mary – a seasoned editor and writer – retrained to gain qualifications in holistic herbalism, aromatherapy, and organic skincare formulation.

“As a family, our skin has never been better. It’s brighter, clearer, and certainly in the girls’ case, less irritated or inflamed. We’ll never go back to mainstream, chemical-laden products. When your teens put in their order for ‘that really nice cleanser and face cream you made..’ you know your work here is done!”

Naturekissd Hair and Skin is about fully maximising the plant-based goodness nature has an abundance of, to get the very best your skin deserves. Our heartfelt desire is that our products deliver very real benefits to you, while being kind to our glorious planet too.


A small portion of our profits are donated to a charity that is very dear to us, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. You can find out more about their work at https://www.royalmarsden.org

“Really like this product. Has really helped with my dry scalp.” M.

Sensitive Scalp Exfoliating Gel

“I’ve been using this cream for a while now and I love it. It keeps my sensitive and dry skin feeling hydrated and smooth, will continue to use. Can’t recommend enough.” D.

Sensitive Daily Moisturiser

“Feedback from purchase to post purchase has been amazing, delivered quickly…. ten stars plus, my head thanks you.” S.

Scalp Saviour Botanical Oil