Appreciating the Little Things in Life

Appreciating the Little Things in Life

Do you find that it’s often the little things in life that make you feel the happiest?

I love to surround myself with floral patterns, flowers (of course), pretty stationery, ribbons, and either scented candles or essential oils.

As a family, we often take long walks either in our local parks and woods or we’ll take a drive a little further afield to one of the forests on the outskirts of London.

Taking a few moments to enjoy precious moments, however small they might be, shifts your focus from the negative to the positive.

This is not about burying your head in the sand or viewing everything through rose tinted glasses. It’s more about taking a look around you with a fresh pair of eyes, and appreciating what you’ve learned or experienced as a result.

10 ways to appreciate the little things in life

  1. Have a look around your home. What are the small, sentimental items that bring you joy?
  2. What little things in your relationship do you appreciate the most? (My husband brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning. That small, daily gesture means just as much to me as romantic gestures).
  3. What are the little things that you appreciate the most about your children? Be sure to tell them!
  4. What little things do you notice about nature around you? There’s something in that well known- saying “stop and smell the roses.” When was the last time you, quite literally, stopped for a few moments to appreciate the beauty in nature?
  5. Relax and listen to music. Really listen. One of my favourite exercises with my very first piano teacher was listening to The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns and trying to identify each instrument. It was a fun and fascinating exercise that I’ve kept up to this very day, 40 years later.
  6. Cook something slightly different. There is so much inspiration on YouTube or Instagram.
  7. Alternatively, if cooking isn’t your thing, experience a new taste for the very first time. You’ll get a thrill from stepping outside of your comfort zone and it might even lead you down a whole new foodie adventure.
  8. Make a list of things that make you smile. And of course, once you’ve made that list, it will serve as a reminder to you to focus on them or seek them out when things aren’t going so well.
  9. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. We live in an age where we rarely call anyone – other than immediate family – sending quick, hurried texts instead. Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down and have a good old natter? They will be pleasantly surprised, and you’ll feel great about rekindling a friendship.
  10. Enjoy the happiness that results from giving small things – a bunch of flowers picked from the garden or simply a little note that says “I love you”. As Mother Teresa said, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

What would you add to the list? What small things do you appreciate the most?

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